A Proverb for the Day (14:23)

“In all labor there is profit, But mere talk leads only to poverty” (Proverbs 14:23 NASB). Any job that does not require sinning, no matter how humble it is in the world’s eyes, is good if it is done heartily and done as for the Lord (Colossians 3:17, 23-24). Many today are unemployed not because there are no available jobs, but because there are no jobs they feel are worthy of their time and effort. They are too proud to get a minimum wage job or temporary employment to get them by until something better comes along. Instead of working, they sit around complaining there are no jobs. Some just need to quit talking and get to work.

One Responseto “A Proverb for the Day (14:23)”

  1. Heavy verse and thoughts for this day and age. It’s hard to disagree.

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